buy Lyrica 300 mg online I am using the D700, D200, D100 and the analog 801s for underwater and land photography from Nikon

Camera Housings The underwater housings I trust for my cameras comes from Sealux (Germany) and Sea & Sea (Japan) These both housings are high precision work for pro’s and I feel that I can recommend them.

Ports & Domes

Normally all the ports come from the same company as the housing itself. I strongly recommend that you use glass ports. For those of you who are not familiar with it, domes are used for wide-angle lenses and ports for rest of the lenses, i.e. macro lenses.


These days I mainly use digital cameras and shoot in RAW format.

Diving Equipment

Currently I am using the AP Evolution Closed Circuit Rebreather which allows to get up close and personal with marine life without the bubbles usually associated with scuba diving.

For more information on any of my equipment please feel free to see contact me and I will be happy to discuss things with you.